Do you know that women have a secret? Buy kinder chocolate and you’ll reveal it. Women love the chocolate smell and chocolate taste for two reasons: they associate it with luxury, and it reminds them of childhood. It’s exactly the reason why they are buying chocolate-scented shower gels and perfumes. We bet you already know when she needs chocolate the most. Of course, it’s when she has her period. But her need for chocolate is not just a whim.

It’s proven medically that chocolate normalizes and stabilizes her nervous system, blood pressure, hormonal state, and many other health indicators. You may ask how it is connected to surprise eggs, and what kind of change it makes if you buy exactly kinder chocolate. Let’s come back to the subject of her childhood. No matter how happy or unhappy it was, every woman has a childish side in her that she likes to wake. She can behave either like a lady queen, a caring mother or a little girl, depending on her mood and the situation. She doesn’t show all these sides to just everyone. If you buy kinder chocolate and present it to her, she may laugh at you. But deep inside she will be really touched, and no one knows how much intrigued she will be, opening the egg. Many girls of all ages are collecting things so why not kinder toys. In any case, you never know till you try and give it a chance, so just buy kinder chocolate and see!

It’s especially recommended if your relationship got worse lately and there is a certain tension between you and her. Nothing is as healing as the piece of chocolate covered with bright illustration and enriched with a funny toy inside. If you still have doubts whether to buy kinder chocolate or not, we may give you another brilliant idea. Unwrap the egg and open it carefully, trying not to break any of two halves. Open the toy box as well and remove the toy. Put the ring inside of the box. Close the egg again or pretend it’s closed. Wrap it back if you can. Make sure this egg will be opened by your beloved personally. Enjoy the result! Now you know that you can buy kinder chocolate and literally change your life.