The stages of producing toys
In a year there are about one hundred different series of figures. And each of them has been developed about two years. Here is such a long way the toy has gone before the finishing step, when it comes to the shop.

Firstly there will appear a sketch and then the toy appears in industrial party which will come to shop. Let’s see all the stages of producing a Chocolate Eggs with the Toys inside. The first step of creation toys for the kinder is the inventing of the idea of a series. It can be as completely development for the designer (for example, a series of the hippo), and to use already existing brands – for example, quite recently in a series of toys for “Kinder Surprise” there were heroes of Russian animated film “Masha and a Bear”. In this case the company should obtain the permission or the license for use the foreign characters for the production.The second stage is a drawing of the sketch of figures. The sketch is followed by the computer file, a so-called profile of a figure. It is specified in what details will be mobile, what additional accessories they will have, and so on. Besides, undersigns computer designations for every color which has to be present on a ready toy for a profile.The third stage is a creation of a trial sample. On this step according to the sketch it is made completely ready figures, only when in small amounts and in the increased size that it was easier to see the shortcomings.

And a final fourth stage – industrial production of figures. Usually they are cast from white or color plastic. But metal series of figures and even wooden toys or cardboard puzzles we can meet. All figures for Kinder Surprise are traditionally painted manually. At the moment production of toys is entirely concentrated in Asia.

The types of toys

A great number of toys we can find in the Chocolate Eggs. The collections of toys begin from hippos, Smurfs, cars, princesses and ends with dinosaurs. A lot of collections are based on the Disney’s films and cartoons; also you can find the collections oriented on the animalistic topic. Toys are made for children after three years old. There are a lot of small details that’s why parents need to watch for their children when they are playing with the toys.

Chocolate Eggs with Toys inside are not only the delicacy loved by children, not only a source of new toys, but also fine material for the developing games with the child.