How does the Egg appeared

Michele Ferrero, the twenty-four-year-old son of the founder of the confectionery company Ferrero, decided to place the “toy stuffing” packed into the yellow plastic capsule reminding an egg yolk in chocolate egg. It possesses thought to make chocolate with high content of milk which will be the most useful to children. And it was based on the Italian tradition for Easter to bake pie with a surprise coin inside, decided to place a toy in the chocolate egg. For development of design of the first figures of Michele was addressed to the Swiss designer Henry Roth. And in 1972 in the shops for the first time appeared Kinder Chocolate Egg with amusing figures inside. Over time the Ferrero Company got the staff of designers who developed toys. Since 1986 on figures became the stamp of “Ferrero” designating that the toy was created by this company. And since 2004 the MPG Company (“Magic Production Group”) began to carry out all process. Also you can find their sign on a figure.

The usefulness of the chocolate for children

The chocolate is full of life necessary ingredients. In the Kinder Chocolate Eggs there is a lot of milk. It was made especially for the health of children. That’s why Kinder Surprise would not harm to the children’s fragile immune and blood system. There is no need for parents to restrict their children with the Chocolate Eggs. The company “Ferrero” uses just the best ingredients for their production.

The most quality and the best ingredients for the Chocolate Eggs

The company “Ferrero” puts only the best ingredients into the Eggs. The Egg contains the next ingredients: milk chocolate (sugar, powdered whole milk, cocoa butter, grated cocoa, emulsifier: letsitina (soy), fragrance), powdered skim milk, sugar, vegetable fats, milk fat, emulsifier: letsitina (soy), fragrance. All the products are verified with the certificates and licenses. The best sorts of cocoa are being used for the chocolate in the Kinder Chocolate Eggs. They are not a high-calorie product, what is more important that they have enough proteins, fats and carbons.
Our website is spreading Kinder Chocolate Eggs all over the world to the every part. We want that every child and adult just ones have tried these marvelous Eggs. Ones you tasted them you will want them more and more. Our company guarantees you the best quality of Chocolate Eggs.