Our company has a long year history especially in the Western part of Europe, in the capital of Estonia. All the European laws are valid for us. They are the guarantee of the conscientiousness and reliability of our company.

The advantages of our company

The entire assortment presented in our online shop has the best standards and licenses. Only in our shop you can find the wide assortment of Kinder Chocolate Eggs. Our team is full of hardworking people and they work daily for the high services for the customers and the high qualified production. Due to this through the years we are attracting new customers and have hundreds old one who are happy with the product and buy Kinder Surprise Eggs for a long time. The mission of the company

We are helping children to make their childhood happier with the delicious Chocolate Eggs. Also we are trying to help the parents to solve problems. In our fast developing world parents are concentrated on the career, a lot of their time they spend at work or in the traffic jams. They want to care about their children and our company helps them to do it with Kinder Eggs. The high quality and guarantee

Our company cooperates only with the official producers of Kinder Chocolate Eggs. The quality of our production is verified with the certificates and licenses. That’s why the parents trust us the health of their children’s. Buying this Eggs in the markets, shop or somewhere else you are close to find a bad qualified product or a false production. Only in our shop you are far from all the difficulties and lie. All Kinder Eggs Us are in a save boxes that’s why they are no chances to hurt or break them in the road.

Delivering of the Kinder Surprise Eggs

We are ready to deliver your parcel in every part of the world whether to Holland or Russia. The time of delivering depends on your country. The delivering is free it is involved to the price of the product.

The best quality for reasonable money

Over prices were made according the following criteria’s: the price of the chocolate, the delivering, additional safety if the package has lost in the road, material for packaging, driving order to local post office, the wage for people who packed and collected the order, and the wage to the driver. A lot of people order Kinder Surprise on our website. They are satisfied with the quality of your products and with our service.