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Where can I buy kinder surprise eggs online?

You can buy them in our online store. Just select which chocolate / plastic eggs do you want to purchase and choose amount of eggs you want to order.

Why kinder surprise eggs are banned (illegal to sell ) in the USA?

There are two reasons why these delicious treats are illegal in the U.S:

First reason is U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) claims that toys are choking hazard for small children. All of the toys are relatively small, and some contain even tinier pieces that need to be put together.

Kinder Eggs have a warning on the package in several languages, that they are only suitable for ages three and up, which should be enough to un-ban them.

Aside from children potentially choking on the toys, the real reason Kinder Eggs are banned is the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938. This Act prohibits the embedding of non-food items completely enclosed inside food items unless the non-edible part has a functioning value.

For example a lollipop or Popsicle stick is not edible, but is a useful handle.

This Act was originally put into place to prevent the addition of hazardous items to processed food and has never been changed.

Is it legal to buy Chocolate eggs from you?

All goods purchased from our online store (www.buyeggsonline.com) will be sent by airpost to your PayPal address using the Ex Works (EXW) rule as per Incoterms 2010 rules published by the International Chamber of Commerce. More information about the Incoterms rules can be found on this official ICC webpage: http://www.iccwbo.org/products-and-services/trade-facilitation/incoterms-2010/the-incoterms-rules/

This rule places minimum responsibility on the seller after the package with goods is passed to the local post office (www.omniva.ee). Main seller’s responsibility is to make the goods available, suitably and safely package them in a box and ship them to the specified address.

The buyer takes full responsibility for paying all tax and declaration fees, if there are any. The buyer is also responsible for providing all needed documentation and invoices for buyer’s country customs. The buyer has to make sure that the ordered goods are legal in buyer’s country and takes full reponsibility for the consequences if the import of the ordered goods is restricted in buyer’s country. If the purchased item is restricted or banned in buyer’s country and buyer has purchased it from the online store (www.buyeggsonline.com), then the package will be sent to him, but buyer takes full responsibility for this order as soon as it leaves seller’s country. This means that if the customs authority of the buyer’s country holds the delivery, requests more information about what is inside the package or presents a claim against importer (buyer), the buyer needs to react and provide all the required information. Buyer is also responsible for the transport and all costs arising after collection of the goods. Buyer also responsible if customs decide to destroy or utilize the delivery. No refund will be paid in this situation.

In some cases, the exporter (seller) may still need to be involved in export reporting and clearance processes, this means that seller can provide any invoices related to buyer’s order and shipping information.

How much is kinder eggs weight?

Kinder surprise egg’s weight is approximately 1.5 oz or 40 g. Weight range depends from the toy, which is inside this egg.

Why do we have such prices in our web store?

Our prices are not taken from sky. They are made according to the calculation of our spending made in order to send you your order.. All our spending are presented to you below, so you know on what you spend your money:

1. Cost of Chocolate Eggs or other product itself.
2. Shipping cost. We ship our packages by fast airmail, with tracking number and signature confirmation. We are located in Europe so you can check yourself in your local post office (For example USPS) how much it will cost to send package of 300g to USA. 300g or 11 oz is our smallest available package in our online store.
3. Providing you additional safety. Insurance cost on all our shipping orders in case of lost or damage package.
4. Packaging materials. We wrap each egg manually and add other shipping materials in package box.
5. Time spend on buying goods, delivering them to our office. Then time spend on packaging them manually, putting shipping labels. Lastly, driving order to local post office.
6. Last thing is small profit that we make in order to provide you our service.