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It is prohibited to give Kinder Surprise eggs to children below the age of 3. Eggs may content small toys, Lego parts or tiny pieces of puzzle. Risk of suffocation.


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Who we are?

We are certain, that you asked yourself a question:

“How secured are my purchases on your website?”
“Will I receive my order after payment?”
“Will I receive my money back in case I have a problem with my order?”
and etc.

We will try to answer on all those question by the following text:

All purchases and orders are going through official registered company called AnOL Ltd. Company is registered in Estonia. In the city called Tallinn. We also have a verified PayPal account that is why all payments through PayPal are secured. Any financial operations and order details will be stored for 7 years in our company, so at any time you can come back to us and we will provide you with appropriate invoice. You can also ask us to make receipt for any order you need.

Our business model is built using easy steps, which are showed below:

1. We receive order from you.
2. We buy products from warehouse.
3. We pack your order carefully and secure.
4. We send your package by secured registered air mail.
5. We send you tracking information and add it also to your PayPal transaction.
6. We are hoping to see you again in our online store.

Return policy

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it to us for a full refund. We believe that in order to have the best possible online shopping experience, our customers should not pay for return shipping. All we ask is that you send items back to us in the original packaging and make sure that items are in the same condition as you received them.

We will exchange the defective item(s) if reported within 14 days after receiving your package. You can return unused items within 14 days after receiving them in post office. We will credit you the full amount of the item’s value back.

If item is damaged or has defects then we will do a full refund to your PayPal account, including shipping. It will be done after item(s) is(are) sent back to us, in case it is needed.

Return shipping money will be also paid you back, in case it is our mistake.

NB! it is also possible to resend ordered package again, if buyer agreed with it.

In some cases, the exporter (seller) may still need to be involved in export reporting and clearance processes, this means that seller can provide any invoices related to buyer’s order and shipping information.

All goods purchased from our online store (www.buyeggsonline.com) will be sent by airpost to your PayPal address using the Ex Works (EXW) rule as per Incoterms 2010 rules published by the International Chamber of Commerce. More information about the Incoterms rules can be found on this official ICC webpage: http://www.iccwbo.org/products-and-services/trade-facilitation/incoterms-2010/the-incoterms-rules/

This rule places minimum responsibility on the seller after the package with goods is passed to the local post office (www.omniva.ee). Main seller’s responsibility is to make the goods available, suitably and safely package them in a box and ship them to the specified address.

The buyer takes full responsibility for paying all tax and declaration fees, if there are any. The buyer is also responsible for providing all needed documentation and invoices for buyer’s country customs. The buyer has to make sure that the ordered goods are legal in buyer’s country and takes full reponsibility for the consequences if the import of the ordered goods is restricted in buyer’s country. If the purchased item is restricted or banned in buyer’s country and buyer has purchased it from the online store (www.BuyEggsOnline.com), then the package will be sent to him, but buyer takes full responsibility for this order as soon as it leaves seller’s country. This means that if the customs authority of the buyer’s country holds the delivery, requests more information about what is inside the package or presents a claim against importer (buyer), the buyer needs to react and provide all the required information. Buyer is also responsible for the transport and all costs arising after collection of the goods. Buyer also responsible if customs decide to destroy or utilize the delivery. No refund will be paid in this situation.

Full refund for undelivered order will be paid if:

1. Package is lost after 30 days since purchase
2. Package is sent to the wrong address, than provided in PayPal account
3. Received items in package are fully damaged. (Buyer will need to provide evidence photos of content received)
4. Package is stolen.
5. Package is not received within 30 days after purchase

We are asking you to do your payment through PayPal! If you do not have such opportunity, then write us a message and we will find a solution for you. You can also check that our PayPal account is fully verified and we are working with it during a long period of time.

Shipping Policy

We are sending our packages by secured air mail with tracking number. All orders are normally dispatched within 48 hours. Average delivery time to any point in the world is from 8 to 16 working days.

We are shipping orders verified Address in PayPal, if there is no special instruction from you. Sometimes package could be delayed for 1-2 weeks due to delays of the flight or custom issues. Please contact us in case your package is not received after one month.

How Can you trace your order online? Your package’s departure and arrival status can be checked using the tracking number displayed in your PayPal transaction.

Below is the list of online tracking websites, which can help you track your package:

USA: www.usps.com
United Kingdom: www.track.royalmail.com
Canada: www.obc.canadapost.ca
Australia: ice.auspost.com.au
South Korea: www.service.epost.go.kr
Singapore: www.singpost.com
Other areas: ems.com.cn

Live tracking is only available after carriers have a chance to initially scan the package. Between time when package leaves our country and time when it arrives to your country, tracking number may not show your package location